I once did a presentation in high school about why comic book characters were and always will be, historically and socially relevant (because I’m an awesome geek like that). Since 1938, they’ve reflected where we are as a society; our hopes, our fears, and the scope of our imaginations. Our super heroes matter because they are us.

Media is constantly changing and evolving. Just like, surprise surprise, the people that make it! This blog’s purpose is to express my love, appreciation, frustration and adoration for the immeasurably vast comic book universe via my consumption of films, comics, video games and whatever else they come up with. Why? Because I love them.

Let’s put my childhood obsession to good use.


  • This may or may not come up at all, but I am a Catholic raised atheist. Just thought I’d get that out of the way.
  • I have a bachelors degree in Radio, Television and Film. Does this make my opinions better than that other guys? Of course not, but I also know how the media world works, folks.
  • I am a feminist (dun dun DUUUN!)
  • Comic characters… if they had a cartoon, I watched it.
  • I don’t actually like strawberries.



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