Comic Con 2015 Stuff: I was NOT there! [Part 1]


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But there’s plenty to talk about! My two main focuses are going to be the trailers for Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman over a course of two posts. But I’m also gonna squeal about some other announcements. PART 1!

[Spoilers for Superman v. Batman]


Hell. to the yeah.


1) The fact that this is finally happening. How many of us have dreamed of this moment ever since comic book films became a thing? I’m one of the few who’s psyched over Ben Affleck playing Batman and I think he’s going to OWN this. I don’t know how close they’ll get to The Dark Knight Returns Batman/Bruce Wayne, but seeing as he’s hugging/protecting that little girl, it’s safe to say he’s not an angry “get off my porch!” kinda old and bitter yet.

hug girl

2) Another try with Superman. I really hope this movie makes Superman popular again. People are all over Captain America now which is the bees knees, but Superman has also stereotypically been brushed off as a goody goody- which he is not. I think Man of Steel tried to show this but it kinda back fired. Many viewers brushed off Cap cuz Captain America: The First Avenger wasn’t very strong but The Winter Soldier showed Cap for what he really is: a badass. I hope this film does that for Supes.

3) WOMEN. There are four, count ’em, FOUR females in this trailer. In major roles. Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Holly Hunter as the US senator going after Superman. I’m not a big fan of Adams as Lois (Erica Durance is the PERFECT modern Lois in my eyes) but I like the idea that this character is alive and going strong. Also these guys just don’t know how to write her and oh god she’s going to die isn’t she Martha is of course the back bone for Clark and the link to his humble beginnings and moral code AND OF COURSE… Wonder Woman is REAL.


4) Robin.


I NEED them to talk about the role of Robin. Not just Dick or Jason or Carrie as Robin but what the idea of losing that kid would be like to Bruce. This is a huge opportunity for DC because no one has touched the idea or concept of the side kick in the whole of any comic cinematic universe. What would be the MCU/DCCU repercussions of endangering a minor? What if they died or lost their minds? (this guy has a crazy theory related to Suicide Squad, pun might be intended…) Could a concept like the teen titans ever be considered in the DCCU? The possibilities are deliciously ripe.


1) Martha: WTH? Anyone else find her words sort of… out of character? At first she says “Be their hero… be anything they need you to be, or be none of it”. AKA eh whatever you choose, son, I dunno. Then she says, “you don’t owe this world a thing, you never did.” … but you just told me to be their hero…

you aren't helping, mom

you aren’t helping, mom

Am I missing something?

2) Lois Not Being a Reporter.She has two shots in this. Lois is once again, there to support SM. She better do more than just look up in the sky in awe/fear… she is just as important a feminist character as Wonder Woman, I would argue even MORE so.

3) Jesse Eisenburg as Lex. I uh… I don’t, uh…. just… I don’t get it. From the get go I thought it was a weird rumor but then it was confirmed. How is this a “future” story (older Batman, SM has been SM for awhile, aka this is not origin story time) yet Lex is only what, 30? I have zero idea what his role is in this whole thing and they haven’t given me a reason to care.

Also you guys could tone down the crazy chorus going on throughout the whole trailer. Yeesh.

Based on the reappearance of Zod’s (dead) body, we can assume Hunter’s character is wagging her finger at SM’s destruction of Metropolis in Man of Steel as well as his doing’s in this film (the latter being the final straw), which is a super interesting way to go (the same way in Netflix’s Daredevil universe, the people of New York have to deal with the aftermath/destruction of The Avengers film).

Overall I’m very excited but if this really is the foundation for the DCCU, I hope this whole universe lightens up a little.

Part 2 will be up soon!


P.S. also kudos for THIS split second! (X)


Supergirl: First Impressions



Here is the first look at CBS’s Supergirl.

Oh dear.

Well… I am excited. As always, I love superheroes and how they are being adapted to our modern world. Smart phones, modern jobs, real world references etc. It’s WONDERFUL that we have another female lead show, not being talked about or being theorized, but that is actual fact now. I will most definitely be watching this pilot.

Here’s my beef.

It’s the same old thing.

Based purely on this rather long first look, I don’t see anything really unique, in any sense, except for the fact that it’s Supergirl and she’s never had her own show. The whole preview feels like a painful “chick flick”. SNL just recently made a jab at this exact thing (is this “trailer” not the exact same set up sans romantic plot?) and while you might say “Well, that’s MARVEL”, it’s nice to know DC is on the same damn track.

Problematic things:

  • Slightly clumsy, spunky “nerdy” white girl with glasses trying to make it in the “big city” (repetitive female trope #1)


  • Works for a Devil wears Prada-esque boss (repetitive female trope #2)
  • “Oh my god, you’re a lesbian… that’s why you’re not into me!” OR SHE CAN JUST YOU KNOW, NOT LIKE YOU
  • Followed by “I’m not gay!” Oy. While I absolutely do not speak for the LBGTQ community, I know that ticked some people off. Different thing, honey.

sg2 sg3

  • Why do you suddenly need lipstick with your costume? Is it like a mask? Or black camouflage war paint?

Quick Predictions:

  • As the show goes on, Kara’s wardrobe will change from pencil skirts and sweaters to more revealing and “sexy” clothes as she gains “confidence” (Ex. Felicity in “Arrow”. Anyone else notice that?)

Also, “It’s not an “S”, it’s my family’s coat of arms.” versus “It’s not an “S”. On my planet it means hope.” (Man of Steel). Soooo is it both? Is the “hope” thing just figurative? Does this show exist in the DCCU? WHAT IF WE GET HENRY CAVILL ON THIS SHOW OMG, whoops jumping ahead of myself.



Aw, how fun does she look?!

What IS interesting is Kara will remember Krypton like Superman never did, so hopefully the show will explore that mythos. She looks around what, 10 or 12 when they send her off? Also “James” Olsen! He should be fun.

Unfortunately I saw more cons than pros BUT you can bet I’ll still tune in. Maybe they’ll… improve as they go along?


An In-between Post


Snagged this little questionnaire thing from tumblr!

1. marvel or dc?? why?
This needs to be more specific because I love the characters from both. If we’re talking TV, DC does it waaaay better (cartoons and live action) but Marvel has the best films. Comic book wise, I think I’d go with DC, I’m more interested in the psychological (aka VILLAINS) ALTHOUGH 1950-1960s Marvel comics are SO GOOD I just don’t know?
2. favorite male character?
OH GOD filling this out was a mistake Spider-man/Peter Parker has been my favorite ever since I was a kid and will always have a special place in my heart but… I really love Dick Grayson. He’s everything I love about humanity. He chose not to be another Batman but instead embodies the best of Batman as his own persona. He lives in this horrible, bleak place, but he still tries and tries and tries. And he’s just adorable.
3. favorite female character?
4. would you rather be an xmen or avenger?
An xman. There’s something really special about that title. It’s a collective group of people who decided they wanted to be stronger even though their lives were hard.
5. what would your mutant superpower be?
Probably invisibility. I’ve always been an observer so I can be very quiet and unnoticed.
6. would you want to live in a universe where superheroes/villains existed?
Well…. thinking about things like natural disasters and terrorists, a real life superhero could really help, you know? But that’s also a lot of collateral damage and also “superheroes” can turn or grow up in bad households just like regular people so… I don’t think so.
7. who do you think has the coolest superpower?
Anything telekinetic is super cool… the Phoenix is super badass
8. favorite story arc?
I have… no idea
9. what would you do if you had a superpower? would you keep it to yourself?
DUUUUDDDEEEEEE I’VE DREAMED ABOUT THAT, MAN. I’d tell my sisters but probably no one else. Depending on what it was, I’d try and secretly do things for people.
10. who would win in a 1v1 fight: iron man or captain america?
Hasn’t this happened like, really recently? This is like that question: who’d win, the hulk or spider-man? IRON MAN COULDN’T KEEP UP WITH CAP at least I don’t think so.
11. which character do you wish didn’t exist?
Meh, I kinda wish Jason Todd had stayed dead. His death would be a great thing to just constantly hang over the BatFam.
12. favorite villain?
Because he’s just so damn outta control and also so very much IN control, the joker. 13. favorite extraterrestrial character? (ie. superman, thor)
Superman 🙂
14. lamest superpower?
Stretching. Sorry, Reed.
15. which character do you think should get a movie? (besides hawkeye and wonder woman bc literally everyone wants that)
BATMAN BEYOND. We’re RIPE for it, I mean Batman is DONE! It’d be futuristic, dark/moody, but really funny!!!! IT’S PERFECT and Clint Eastwood NEEDS TO PLAY OLD MAN BATMAN.
16. worst outfit ever?
Nightwing’s original debut costume *shudder*
17. favorite comic book artist?
Phil Noto
18. favorite writer?
I’ve been reading a lot of different writers so I don’t have a favorite right now
19. what would you say to stan lee if you met him?


Age of Ultron: It Wasn’t Bad But…


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Spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

FIRST OFF, I kinda wanna thank tumblr for lowering my expectations so much that the movie wasn’t actually that bad. As my sister pointed out, Tony was actually not annoying in this film. (Although “hide the cucumber”?! wtf was that?). While people joke that Downey IS Tony, sarcasm, sleeping around, drinking and blah blah blah, comic book Tony is actually not sarcastic and blunt all the time but is really likable and a huge nerd. (Iron Man 3 was an all time low in terms of the characterization of the comic book character, Tony Stark. Honestly, why would Cap follow someone like that?). In this film, his greatest fear is losing his friends and feeling like he didn’t do enough. With the best of intensions, he comes up with Ultron. Finally, some HUMILITY, praise the lord! (I cannot be the only one tired of the “diva”, right? Come on, Downey… tone it down a bit.)

That was nice.

Second, Natasha. *siigh* In TWS she tells Steve that her history is in the ether now but she’s gonna go make up a new identity. She’s got a plan! She’s going to in essence “discover herself” which is pretty great. Go Natasha!

Jump ahead to AOU, and there was zero character development; when did she decided to “run away” with Bruce? After that vision? Did it feel like TWS-Natasha was going to fail? Was going to give up and run AWAY? And did we really need to see her flirt like crazy with Bruce? (Side note: I am NOT saying a female character who flirts and is “vulnerable” is not a good female character. I’m talking about NATASHA ROMANOFF. Wheadon took her two steps back in terms of her development. I would have bought AOU-Natasha in TWS more, not visa versa). The only reason Bruce/Natasha wasn’t god awful is because Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson are great actors. In terms of their characters, I just didn’t see it. Wheadon already proved you don’t need a completely baseless love story to make these films work. She could easily have sympathized, even on some level empathized with Banner, but I just don’t see why she would fall in love with him. Maybe I missed something during the 13 times I saw The Avengers in theaters…

The best part was the last 5 minutes when she suddenly transforms into who I think she would be at this point after what, 4 films? A mentor. (I imagine her like Black Canary from Young Justice). It’s great that she got to this point where she feels she can help foster these new Avengers (I squealed at the lineup!) but I think she could have gotten there straight from Winter Soldier. Meh.


  • The “language” joke. Cap curses guys, I mean come on. I like that they played it as Cap saying “OK guys, let it gooo” in good humor and they’re all just teasing him cuz they know better
  • More Bruce being a scientist, and not only that but he’s a different kind of scientist than Tony, e.g. he can do things Tony can’t e.g. he’s essential to the team not just as the hulk.
  • I thought Wanda’s growth was very believable within the film. She’s not evil, she’s just hurting but I LOVED that they both have to get over it essentially when shit goes down. Even though they help in the final fight, Pietro is gasping for breath and Wanda is appropriately scared. Yeah they have powers but they have no real training. They’ve never been in a battle, they’re not soldiers, assassins or anything. Clint’s pep talk was great. I really believed she came out that door as AN AVENGER. That was a really kick ass introduction.
  • “Jane is better.” And basically Chris Hemsworth as Thor.
  • The Vision. I remember thinking, they cast Sebastian Stan as Bucky way back when, and whether or not they knew they would be going The Winter Soldier route, how GREAT is Stan in that role?? Same goes for Paul Bettany. He’s wonderful as The Vision. He’s going to OWN that character, I cannot WAIT to see more.

I feel like we can only go up from here.


I concur that actions sequences are all over the place. It’s where soviet editing works best, especially during something chaotic like multiple fights happening among buildings being destroyed and people being evacuated. This scene from Battleship Potempkin is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s chaos! But every film maker and their mom knows, YOU DO NOT USE MULTIPLE, SHORT CUTS DURING DIALOGUE. YOU JUST DON’T. I wanted to yell, “STOP!” at the screen because in the scene at Clint’s “safe house”, Nick Fury joins the team and they have a chat in the kitchen. I want to see the film again only to count how many damn cuts there were in that one scene alone. I don’t even remember what they were talking about, it was incredibly distracting and very amateurish. And not only were there multiple cuts, but it wasn’t even within the same shots! Suddenly, there’s a close up of Nick, then mid sentence, a medium shot of Nick, then a long shot of the whole kitchen, then two seconds on Cap, it was very chaotic and did not work. Disappointing.

IN A NUT SHELL, the film was good. It was entertaining, these characters are still great, the cast was phenomenal, and I’m still very excited for where the MCU is going next. All hail The Russo’s!


Daredevil: It’s Really That Good


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Couple things here.

  • If you haven’t seen the show yet, please note, it’s violent and potentially disturbing. Trigger warnings include: blood/scars, beatings, death, child abuse, domestic violence, kidnapping, torture
  • Major spoilers ahead.

On that happy note, this show is so so good. In a nut shell, it’s beautifully shot, the actors are all wonderful (Charlie Cox is English, guys!!) and it’s a real breath of fresh air. In my mini bio, I mentioned that if any comic character had a cartoon prior to 2000-ish, I watched it. So origin stories (AKA season 1 or the first 45 min of the movie) are not exciting for me cuz I know them all. The million spider-man reboots are so dead to me it’s excruciating. So whenever a new hero comes to town, I jump right in.

First off, the bit everyone and their mom is talking about: the “one shot” hallway fight scene. This vid points out the nod to famous films that have used this same approach. Cinematically, it’s very captivating. They really play up our senses throughout the whole show (extreme close ups, noir like shadows/lighting, and if you watch the show with headphones, sounds/voices) and none better than in this scene.

The fight comes at the very end of the second episode called “Cut Man”. Matt’s been through the grinder and he’s had zero time to heal up. He’s set on rescuing this little boy who’s been kidnapped and is willing to fight through a gang of Russians to get to him. The tension is built up as Matt walks slowly towards the door where there are a couple of them watching TV before charging in. Right away, the camera is left in the door way as the door slowly closes behind the mayhem and we’re left in the dark with only the sound of grunts and blows being landed. The camera slowly, agonizingly, moves back so we have a view of the hallway again. The door is busted down, as more guys join the fray. The fight continues in the hallway, and it’s slow and painful. Matt groans, falls down, braces himself against the walls, but he keeps going. The Russian guys aren’t that great either but they’ve got a major advantage on Matt who’s apparently got a least 3 broken ribs, a stab wound, and probable concussion to say the least. The visual of the door at the end of the hallway where the boy is being kept is a constant reminder of the stakes. The hallway is also dark, with neon green light making it look sickly and almost sewer like. It’s incredible to watch and I cheer for him every time as he walks off, a hero, the boy in his arms.

I think my favorite bit about this whole show is Matt’s vulnerability/mortality. The show is brutal and harsh, kinda like, “Yeah, if you were to really do this (as this show is implying in a universe where Thor, The Hulk and Rocket are real) as a normal human being, you would get beaten up pretty badly”. I love the fact that after every fight, he’s gasping for breath or on the ground gasping for breath. He falls through a couple floors of a building and lands on the ground, knocked out. An explosion goes off, he’s knocked back and knocked out. Even though his senses have been enhanced (and he’s not really 100% blind**), he’s still a flesh and blood, normal guy with some fight training who gets his ass handed to him in nearly every episode. It’s real in a fantastical universe.

Sadly this show still follows some annoyingly common tropes: The “villains” are Japanese, Chinese, Russian half waiting for the Italian mob boss to show up (main Japanese baddy is beaten by white male lead), recurring female POC is killed, recurring male POC is killed, several women are kidnapped/drugged/beaten and need rescuing by white male lead. But I do love that the fanbase is not letting this all go unsaid. And these things being said, the show still manages to entertain and tells a very great story.


  • Karen Page is beat up in every way possible, but she moves the plot forward more than basically anyone. She’s scared shitless more than once but she STILL goes out at night and she never gives up on her goal.
  • The very real issue of gentrification is brought up which is very refreshing as this is something I see happening in my own town and it’s super unsettling. It’s not just MENTIONED either, it’s one of the cases they work on and we see and hear the negative affect this has on people, as well as how it’s seen as something that’s actually good for the community.
  • Good black cop who doesn’t die. Yay!
  • No sad, brooding, miserable disabled guy here. Matt has a job, he has relationships, he’s functional on his own, he’s friendly, he’s not defined by his disability. In fact, Foggy used to play tricks on him apparently when they were in college!
  • Rosario Dawson as Claire. I love that she takes care of herself first even though she agrees to help Matt medically when he needs it. I’m reminded very much of Martha Jones.
  • Foggy finding out Matt is the “man in the black mask” and being upset for all the right reasons. Watch “Nelson v. Murdock” it’s absolutely heartbreaking.
  • Matt cries like… 10 times. So does Foggy, and so does Fisk.
  • Wilson Fisk. is terrifying. Vincent D’Onofrio gave such a great performance.
  • And hey! DD renewed for a second season! but not until 2016 ugh.
  • I’m not crazy about the red suit. Gonna miss the ninja/iron fist look

I really loved this tumblr users review which sums up my feelings on the show very well. Here’s a lovely list of spoiler free reasons to watch DD if you’re still on the fence (even though by this point, I’ve spoiled quiet a bit). Wanna start reading Daredevil?? Heres a good tumblr post with recommendations.

I could honestly talk a lot more about this but I think I’ll leave it for now. Maybe I’ll make a second post about cinematography… or Charlie Cox’s adorable booty.


**EDIT: This lovely person explained Matt’s exact condition. He IS blind, my bad XD

Can We Talk About Agent Carter?!!


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Just finished the season finale of Agent Carter and good lord, it was EXCELLENT!


I didn’t want to be bias with this show. I didn’t want to support it just BECAUSE it had a female lead or just BECAUSE it was about this or that. I’m always interested in story, first and foremost. Every episode was interesting, exciting, tense, funny and thrilling. Every single episode.

Can I just say I adore Dominic Cooper as Howard? He has just the right amount of serious human-being concerned with doing right and sleazy, overconfident genius who’s maybe let his sucess go to his head. I love that Howard already recognized in Peggy her own abilities and intellect that he trusts her unconditionally and repeatedly says he basically needs her approval to know he’s doing right. Peggy tearfully reveals she believes him to be the only person who really believes in her. I LOVED the writers’ approach to their relationship; after Steve’s “death”, they really need each other to survive in a world transitioning into suspicion, black listing and revenge.

I love that they brought up the idea that Howard is aware he is an agent of death (Tony is aware of this too) and feels guilty about that. (HISTORICAL PLUG: after WWI, the whole world was able to reflect on the war: was it worth it? what was really achieved? Didn’t we just learn new ways to kill each other? After WWII, there were a new set of question: did this earth shattering scientific discovery just save humanity by destroying millions of lives including those of their descendants? Or did we just become masters of death and lose our humanity completely? What could possible bring us back from this? These questions would have weighed very heavily on someone like Howard Stark) That he cared deeply for Steve as Peggy did is truly heartbreaking and just wonderful insight into Howard’s character. While it’s great we get to see more of these characters than we would (Howard of course, the origin of good old Jarvis, etc.), the ending and the episode is still very much about Peggy. I loved watching Atwell tear up as she told both Howard and herself it was time to let Steve go.

I demand we see more. How does Peggy meet her husband? (who Steve saved at one point), will we get to see Peggy in the 50s? 60s? What happened to Dottie? Will she hold a vendetta against Peggy? Will she look for Ivchenko? Will we get any details on Howard’s involvement in making the A-bomb (which Tony hinted at in Iron Man) and Will we ever get hint of the beginnings of a certain soldier?

Now some obligatory possible foreshadowing…

Dr. Ivchenko is obviously (or making a huge HUGE reference to) Dr. Faustus who had a major hand in manipulating both Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier) and Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff). That ending scene was my salvation and what I’m taking away as Agent Carter’s hint at what is happening/will happen to poor Bucky (Note: I seriously thought the episode with the Commandos would maybe somewhat PERHAPS mention Bucky seeing as he was fighting with them BEFORE Cap and hey he died too during the war but WHATEVER IT’S ABOUT CAP [additional note: I have nothing against Captain America, I just love Bucky. Very much. And need more of him]).

Dr. Ivchenko meeting Zola in an AMERICAN prison (how CREEPY was that line, “you are in an American prison, America is the land of opportunity” *shivers*) gives reference to again, Bucky. During Bucky’s flashbacks in the bank in Cap 2, we see Zola was involved in the beginning of Bucky’s “brainwashing” and transformation. I think it’s safe to assume Zola will work with Ivchenko in creating the Winter Soldier in the MCU. My theory. *shrug* While Natasha is clearly stated to have been born in 1984 (MCU canon) it’s super unlikely that the Winter Soldier/Bucky will have trained her in any capacity which is a bummer but I’m hoping she’s able to really empathize with him and that’ll be nice…



Nightwing (for the most part)


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Happy New Year!

Agent Carter is next week, I’m pretty psyched for that. Someone on Tumblr made this lovely post about places you can watch online if you don’t have cable. These places still report back to the network so they can tally views ALA determine the success of the show and will green light whether we get more seasons! That was nice of them, huh?

I recently picked up Arkham City and have been playing about a week. I’m more of a Lego game kinda person and I’m still getting used to these more sophisticated games (also FINALLY gonna pick up Assassin’s Creed, 1 million years behind the rest of the world). It’s pretty fun currently stuck trying to rescue a doctor and not got shot to death also I screamed pretty loudly when I heard KEVIN CONROY and MARK HAMIL in their most familiar roles. I’ll talk about it some more once I get more into it.

Besides reading Black Widow and Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier, I’m really enjoying Nightwing (The New 52). The stories are easy to follow and the art isn’t ridiculously complex (AKA stretches the limit of human flexibility [even for someone like Dick] to the point where it’s almost painful to look at). Because I’m awful, I started reading with Vol. 5 Setting Son (it was the only one available at my local comic book store! I wasn’t gonna WAIT to order the first volume!) and I absolutely loved it.


I call myself a Batman fan because of Dick. He hasn’t let the world or his own tragedy consume him. Instead he is in a unique position to help people in the same way Bruce did for him. When I read that Jen’s parent’s had been killed by a mugger, my heart legitimately sank. We see earlier that the little kid found out Dick’s identity but didn’t tell anyone (can always trust the kids). She goes after the killer, but is rescued by Nightwing when she gets in over her head. They have a heart to heart on the roof and he tells her it’ll eventually get easier. You’ll find you niche, basically he says. like I did. *excellent shot of a soaring Nightwing, cue end of book* UGH, wonderful.


Comics are kinda hopeless places. It’s characters like Peter Parker/Spider-man and Dick/Nightwing that keep me interested in comics. They actually grow, change and learn. Having such hope and optimism, especially in a place like Gotham, is awesome. Batman jumps from rooftop to rooftop then disappears into an alley. Nightwing soars into the lit sky, silhouette against the moon. Gorgeous stuff.

Also Dick just being a big brother to everyone is my favorite thing.


Why “Captain America” is the Perfect Theme for Captain America


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Spoiler Alert for Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Steve Rogers’ life sucks. He was super sick growing up, got beat up and couldn’t serve his country when it was most important. Both his parents died when he was still really young. He’s turned into a super soldier but still gets crap from people, particularly from the higher ups (what the hell was even up with that?). He full on fights in WWII (PTSD much?), he fails to save his best friend (and brother, let’s be honest) from falling to his death, he never gets to spend real time with or develop a relationship with Peggy before he sacrifices himself. Then he’s not even given a chance to die peacefully; they bring him back to just start fighting all over again. He fights some more, Avengers movie happens, he goes off alone at the end. Sucks.

Captain America reminds me of Superman in the way audiences react to him. The only thing cheesier than the big blue boy scout is a guy who represents a 1940s hyped up version of American patriotism named Captain America. I thought the score in First Avenger really did Steve a disservice. It was so over the top and fanfare-y, those who don’t know the character really missed the point of the guy. Any die-hard fan will tell you Cap is not some blind patriot but is headstrong, logical, brave and essentially hopeful. I think Henry Jackman’s track “Captain America” perfectly encapsulated that.

From this point on, I highly recommend you grab yourself some headphones and listen to the track as you continue to read. Here is the track on YouTube.

Going back to my first paragraph, Steve’s been through some crap. He’s essentially alone in every way. “Captain America” starts out low and quiet, mysterious and with a hint of sadness. At about 1:25, the “spy” film influence beings to come in. Cap takes out the guys on the launch ship, kicks some butt and is really good at it. At around 3:00, we’re full on tactician. Captain America leading his team, bright white star on his chest, Captain America inspiring the Commando’s or the Avengers to go forward, no fear, trust your team mates, and let’s win this thing.

At 4:14 is the height of Caps “comicness”. Special moves, cheesy comic lines, Cap being the poster child for American heroism, explosions, fanfare, fighting with Bucky. At 5:30 Cap becomes suspicious (there’s a brilliant slight change in the music, it becomes almost sinister). People are lying to him, his team is backstabbing him, “Cap, we have to register ourselves”. Steve says no.

Steve finds out Bucky’s alive. Everyone is convinced he can’t be saved. Steve is convinced he can. At 8:00, it’s the end of the film, Steve is looking at the Winter Soldiers file. Bucky’s been confined, tortured, brainwashed, and used for decades. Steve is devastated but above all determined, raging with a quiet fury. He believes in Bucky. He will stop at nothing to get his brother and best friend back. He won’t give up. Fade out.


Agent Carter: A Longer-ish Sneak Peak


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Can I get a, “OH YEAH!”?

January 2015 cannot come soon enough, my friends. I’m not one to support something just because “there’s a female lead!” or just because “Look, TWO people of color!”. No no, I’m interested in good story material. When Agent Carter was first announced, I wasn’t too excited because I thought it was fake (like when this Wonder Woman trailer was circulating for a while or when I saw this Nightwing series on tumblr). Rumors from hopeful fans… A female lead TV show? There’s no way. (Yes, I know all about the Wonder Woman TV show but it’s now 2014… you’d think we’d be drowning in these kinds of shows by now.) Lois needs her Superman, Felicity needs her Oliver, S.H.I.E.L.D. needs Coulson not Maria Hill. Then the news was confirmed and Hayley Atwell started tweeting about it. Huh… all right!

Not only is Carter really happening, but it also gets to be our first foray into female driven Marvel territory. You only have to watch Captain America: The First Avenger to get a taste of what we’re going to see. Peggy doesn’t take crap, she’s not fearless but is incredibly brave anyway because there’s a job to be done, and she’s a woman kicking ass and taking names in post-WWII America (The historian in me is FREAKING OUT!) Let’s hope it’s good, eh?? Can’t wait to get some more updates as we get closer and closer… Is it January yet?