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Captain America: Civil War spoilers to follow.


Just recently, there was a huge backlash on tumblr with The Russo’s when they said Bucky was being “punished” by going back into cryo for his doings as the winter soldier, and that he was guilty. You only have to watch the film to know that’s complete and utter bullshit. Because they also said this, so which is the truth? How about what’s on screen. BUCKY feels guilty, the CHARACTER Bucky feels guilty and maybe for him this is kind of a punishment. (Seb’s thoughts)


The entire issue of Civil War can be boiled down to just one word; choice. According to Steve, the accords would take away the Avenger’s ability to choose their battles (“what if there’s somewhere we need to go and they won’t let us?”), and for Tony, the accords will keep them on the straight and narrow (their work is someone else’s choice, it’ll be up to someone else to decide what’s good and bad) therefore shifting the blame and opening up the consequences of future events for debate. Wanda was also experimented on, she was also used for evil means, she was misled but was still allowed a spot on the new Avengers. (BTW, WTF is that about??) She’s put on lockdown *for her own good* by Tony (enforced by Vision) and her breakthrough moment is when, wait for it… she chooses to leave with Clint. (“I can’t control their fear, only my own.”) Now let’s look at Bucky.

The film literally opens with Bucky being tortured and then used.

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Later in the film, he’s used as a punching bag for other winter soldiers. Bucky is triggered by Zemo and when he snaps out of it, he says “I knew this would happen.” On the jet, Steve tries to tell him he didn’t have a choice, which Bucky acknowledges but he still did it. Bucky’s decision to go back into cryo was the best thing we could have wished for that was plausible in the MCU.

First off, Bucky chose this, his first personal choice in 70 years in regards to his own life, for not only the sake of these people who helped him and Steve, but for himself. Steve asks him, “Are you sure about this?”… whether Bucky suggested it or even T’Challa, options were most likely talked about and discussed. Bucky thought, this is what I want to do. That’s HUGE and quite frankly beautiful. As much as we all wanted Bucky and Steve to run away to the Bahamas and be happy together, let’s be real. The words “allow Barnes the dignity of his choice” must not have been lost on Steve in this moment. It sucks, but would you have preferred Bucky stay locked in Steve’s apartment, unable to do anything? Or on the run, like Banner, where Ross or Tony or AIM heh heh could find him? Constantly living in fear, looking over his shoulder like he’s been doing for the last two years? Or would you rather have him be under the protection of a king? A complete badass like T’challa? Bucky says “Until they figure out how to get this stuff outta my head, I think going under is the best thing”. After watching the film for a second time, I’m really fine with this.


I don’t blame Markus, McFeely, or either Russos, I really don’t. What people don’t understand about “hollywood” is the old system hasn’t changed. You can have the best talent for a film ever but the final say is always with the studio, always. And no I don’t mean, Marvel, I mean DISNEY. Marvel is not as independent as they were and it shows. And in this case, Disney has proven once again what a bunch of cowards they are. Two guys throwing the word LOVE around just like that? OH NO THROW A GIRL IN THERE, KISS, KISS! Whew, ok we’re good. Who cares about representation! Who cares about continuity! Everyone’s favorite diva needs more screen time! He’ll bring in MILLIONS, GET HIM IN THERE!

*huff huff*

So did I like it? I guess overall I did not. What was good was SOOO GOOD what was bad was unbearable. The only thing that helps me personally is that Sebastian Stan has been confirmed for Infinity War, which Markus/McFeely and The Russo’s are all working on. Chris Evan’s contract isn’t up yet, neither is Anthony Mackie’s, and the Marvel universe is continuing to expand. I will always love superheroes and I will go see these movies until they decide to stop making them because it’s in my blood. But unfortunately, studios are still studios. It’s too bad they missed the ball so badly with Cap 3, it really is.