[Spoilers for Jessica Jones]


I’d posted before about Supergirl and while I am generally excited for that show, JJ is waaay more my cup of iced tea. I don’t know the extent of what Jessica can do (my Marvel Unlimited account expired before I could start reading her books thoroughly… I ain’t made of money…) BUT THAT’S OK- this trailer is quite the tease (in a good way!) because I want moooore.

I don’t like you. Let me help you OUT.


ALREADY this intro. Doesn’t this reek slightly alcoholic going-at-it-alone stereotypical MALE vigilante?? WELL IT’S OUR TURN, BITCHES.



Jessica comes across as violent, charming, reclusive and paranoid. She’s being stalked (mentally and physically) by the purple man, a manipulative rapist turned spy (oh, joy) who has the power to control minds. (David Tennant is going to OWN. THIS ROLE.)



Creepy stuff. And given Jessica comes off as a woman trying to move past her old life that TPM apparently knows a bit about (having had a hand in it), that trick of his might be a real problem. And from the looks of it, he likes to manipulate women. Oh HELL no.

I am weary about the possible backlash against Tennant or even Marvel for this character. I don’t know how accurate they’ll be (and I’m not talking will Tennant be walking around with purple skin and hair) but a couple NY comic-con goers did confirm the show will not shy away from rape culture and its consequences. As Krysten Ritter herself said, the relationship between Jones and TPM is “quite sickening”. It’s also the most explicitly sexual show or movie Marvel’s ever made.

I say it’s about DAMN time.

Ever since someone thought to sell a compilation of newspaper comic strips in book form, “comic books” were considered 10 cent trash for kids. But the last eighty years of award winning books and graphic novels have so proven otherwise. Stories about human trafficking, war, abuse, sex, drugs, violence and rape have been in comics for years (yes, even in the bigger titles) but since real life couldn’t be marketed on a Denny’s menu or during the Superbowl, these topics were never up for discussion and debate outside of support groups and book clubs let alone via a popular cultural medium like the comic book movie. It really is a brilliant time for sites like Netflix to be around to put on these shows (not even comics related but have you SEEN Sense8? it’s on Netflix, GO!) because we’re sick of the same red white and blue recycled bullshit.

In my mind, the MCU is really going the same route the comics industry did. They released a couple of titles and they did great (the introduction of Superman (1938), Batman (1939) and Wonder Woman (1941) vs. Superman the Movie (1978) Spider-man (2002) X2 (2003)). They released even more that did ok and some flopped (Golden age of comics and it’s eventual withering out vs. Fantastic Four, Spider-man 3, Justice League, Batman The Animated Series). Then they released a big title and people went nuts. (The Incredible Hulk/Spider-Man (1960s) vs. Ironman (2008)) But it got too commercialized and people’s interest started to waver (the collectors bubble bursting, closing of multiple comic stores v. the Fantastic Four reboot and Age of Ultron). WHEW!

This Netflix original series era is the equivalent of the birth of Dark Horse and Image comics. It’s time to tell different stories that “Hollywood” won’t touch. With shows like Daredevil and movies like Deadpool and now Jessica Jones, we can assume we’re going to get a taste of something brand new and way more compelling than we’ve seen before.

Let’s do this thing.