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But there’s plenty to talk about! My two main focuses are going to be the trailers for Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman over a course of two posts. But I’m also gonna squeal about some other announcements. PART 1!

[Spoilers for Superman v. Batman]


Hell. to the yeah.


1) The fact that this is finally happening. How many of us have dreamed of this moment ever since comic book films became a thing? I’m one of the few who’s psyched over Ben Affleck playing Batman and I think he’s going to OWN this. I don’t know how close they’ll get to The Dark Knight Returns Batman/Bruce Wayne, but seeing as he’s hugging/protecting that little girl, it’s safe to say he’s not an angry “get off my porch!” kinda old and bitter yet.

hug girl

2) Another try with Superman. I really hope this movie makes Superman popular again. People are all over Captain America now which is the bees knees, but Superman has also stereotypically been brushed off as a goody goody- which he is not. I think Man of Steel tried to show this but it kinda back fired. Many viewers brushed off Cap cuz Captain America: The First Avenger wasn’t very strong but The Winter Soldier showed Cap for what he really is: a badass. I hope this film does that for Supes.

3) WOMEN. There are four, count ’em, FOUR females in this trailer. In major roles. Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Holly Hunter as the US senator going after Superman. I’m not a big fan of Adams as Lois (Erica Durance is the PERFECT modern Lois in my eyes) but I like the idea that this character is alive and going strong. Also these guys just don’t know how to write her and oh god she’s going to die isn’t she Martha is of course the back bone for Clark and the link to his humble beginnings and moral code AND OF COURSE… Wonder Woman is REAL.


4) Robin.


I NEED them to talk about the role of Robin. Not just Dick or Jason or Carrie as Robin but what the idea of losing that kid would be like to Bruce. This is a huge opportunity for DC because no one has touched the idea or concept of the side kick in the whole of any comic cinematic universe. What would be the MCU/DCCU repercussions of endangering a minor? What if they died or lost their minds? (this guy has a crazy theory related to Suicide Squad, pun might be intended…) Could a concept like the teen titans ever be considered in the DCCU? The possibilities are deliciously ripe.


1) Martha: WTH? Anyone else find her words sort of… out of character? At first she says “Be their hero… be anything they need you to be, or be none of it”. AKA eh whatever you choose, son, I dunno. Then she says, “you don’t owe this world a thing, you never did.” … but you just told me to be their hero…

you aren't helping, mom

you aren’t helping, mom

Am I missing something?

2) Lois Not Being a Reporter.She has two shots in this. Lois is once again, there to support SM. She better do more than just look up in the sky in awe/fear… she is just as important a feminist character as Wonder Woman, I would argue even MORE so.

3) Jesse Eisenburg as Lex. I uh… I don’t, uh…. just… I don’t get it. From the get go I thought it was a weird rumor but then it was confirmed. How is this a “future” story (older Batman, SM has been SM for awhile, aka this is not origin story time) yet Lex is only what, 30? I have zero idea what his role is in this whole thing and they haven’t given me a reason to care.

Also you guys could tone down the crazy chorus going on throughout the whole trailer. Yeesh.

Based on the reappearance of Zod’s (dead) body, we can assume Hunter’s character is wagging her finger at SM’s destruction of Metropolis in Man of Steel as well as his doing’s in this film (the latter being the final straw), which is a super interesting way to go (the same way in Netflix’s Daredevil universe, the people of New York have to deal with the aftermath/destruction of The Avengers film).

Overall I’m very excited but if this really is the foundation for the DCCU, I hope this whole universe lightens up a little.

Part 2 will be up soon!


P.S. also kudos for THIS split second! (X)