Here is the first look at CBS’s Supergirl.

Oh dear.

Well… I am excited. As always, I love superheroes and how they are being adapted to our modern world. Smart phones, modern jobs, real world references etc. It’s WONDERFUL that we have another female lead show, not being talked about or being theorized, but that is actual fact now. I will most definitely be watching this pilot.

Here’s my beef.

It’s the same old thing.

Based purely on this rather long first look, I don’t see anything really unique, in any sense, except for the fact that it’s Supergirl and she’s never had her own show. The whole preview feels like a painful “chick flick”. SNL just recently made a jab at this exact thing (is this “trailer” not the exact same set up sans romantic plot?) and while you might say “Well, that’s MARVEL”, it’s nice to know DC is on the same damn track.

Problematic things:

  • Slightly clumsy, spunky “nerdy” white girl with glasses trying to make it in the “big city” (repetitive female trope #1)


  • Works for a Devil wears Prada-esque boss (repetitive female trope #2)
  • “Oh my god, you’re a lesbian… that’s why you’re not into me!” OR SHE CAN JUST YOU KNOW, NOT LIKE YOU
  • Followed by “I’m not gay!” Oy. While I absolutely do not speak for the LBGTQ community, I know that ticked some people off. Different thing, honey.

sg2 sg3

  • Why do you suddenly need lipstick with your costume? Is it like a mask? Or black camouflage war paint?

Quick Predictions:

  • As the show goes on, Kara’s wardrobe will change from pencil skirts and sweaters to more revealing and “sexy” clothes as she gains “confidence” (Ex. Felicity in “Arrow”. Anyone else notice that?)

Also, “It’s not an “S”, it’s my family’s coat of arms.” versus “It’s not an “S”. On my planet it means hope.” (Man of Steel). Soooo is it both? Is the “hope” thing just figurative? Does this show exist in the DCCU? WHAT IF WE GET HENRY CAVILL ON THIS SHOW OMG, whoops jumping ahead of myself.



Aw, how fun does she look?!

What IS interesting is Kara will remember Krypton like Superman never did, so hopefully the show will explore that mythos. She looks around what, 10 or 12 when they send her off? Also “James” Olsen! He should be fun.

Unfortunately I saw more cons than pros BUT you can bet I’ll still tune in. Maybe they’ll… improve as they go along?