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Spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

FIRST OFF, I kinda wanna thank tumblr for lowering my expectations so much that the movie wasn’t actually that bad. As my sister pointed out, Tony was actually not annoying in this film. (Although “hide the cucumber”?! wtf was that?). While people joke that Downey IS Tony, sarcasm, sleeping around, drinking and blah blah blah, comic book Tony is actually not sarcastic and blunt all the time but is really likable and a huge nerd. (Iron Man 3 was an all time low in terms of the characterization of the comic book character, Tony Stark. Honestly, why would Cap follow someone like that?). In this film, his greatest fear is losing his friends and feeling like he didn’t do enough. With the best of intensions, he comes up with Ultron. Finally, some HUMILITY, praise the lord! (I cannot be the only one tired of the “diva”, right? Come on, Downey… tone it down a bit.)

That was nice.

Second, Natasha. *siigh* In TWS she tells Steve that her history is in the ether now but she’s gonna go make up a new identity. She’s got a plan! She’s going to in essence “discover herself” which is pretty great. Go Natasha!

Jump ahead to AOU, and there was zero character development; when did she decided to “run away” with Bruce? After that vision? Did it feel like TWS-Natasha was going to fail? Was going to give up and run AWAY? And did we really need to see her flirt like crazy with Bruce? (Side note: I am NOT saying a female character who flirts and is “vulnerable” is not a good female character. I’m talking about NATASHA ROMANOFF. Wheadon took her two steps back in terms of her development. I would have bought AOU-Natasha in TWS more, not visa versa). The only reason Bruce/Natasha wasn’t god awful is because Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson are great actors. In terms of their characters, I just didn’t see it. Wheadon already proved you don’t need a completely baseless love story to make these films work. She could easily have sympathized, even on some level empathized with Banner, but I just don’t see why she would fall in love with him. Maybe I missed something during the 13 times I saw The Avengers in theaters…

The best part was the last 5 minutes when she suddenly transforms into who I think she would be at this point after what, 4 films? A mentor. (I imagine her like Black Canary from Young Justice). It’s great that she got to this point where she feels she can help foster these new Avengers (I squealed at the lineup!) but I think she could have gotten there straight from Winter Soldier. Meh.


  • The “language” joke. Cap curses guys, I mean come on. I like that they played it as Cap saying “OK guys, let it gooo” in good humor and they’re all just teasing him cuz they know better
  • More Bruce being a scientist, and not only that but he’s a different kind of scientist than Tony, e.g. he can do things Tony can’t e.g. he’s essential to the team not just as the hulk.
  • I thought Wanda’s growth was very believable within the film. She’s not evil, she’s just hurting but I LOVED that they both have to get over it essentially when shit goes down. Even though they help in the final fight, Pietro is gasping for breath and Wanda is appropriately scared. Yeah they have powers but they have no real training. They’ve never been in a battle, they’re not soldiers, assassins or anything. Clint’s pep talk was great. I really believed she came out that door as AN AVENGER. That was a really kick ass introduction.
  • “Jane is better.” And basically Chris Hemsworth as Thor.
  • The Vision. I remember thinking, they cast Sebastian Stan as Bucky way back when, and whether or not they knew they would be going The Winter Soldier route, how GREAT is Stan in that role?? Same goes for Paul Bettany. He’s wonderful as The Vision. He’s going to OWN that character, I cannot WAIT to see more.

I feel like we can only go up from here.


I concur that actions sequences are all over the place. It’s where soviet editing works best, especially during something chaotic like multiple fights happening among buildings being destroyed and people being evacuated. This scene from Battleship Potempkin is exactly what I’m talking about. It’s chaos! But every film maker and their mom knows, YOU DO NOT USE MULTIPLE, SHORT CUTS DURING DIALOGUE. YOU JUST DON’T. I wanted to yell, “STOP!” at the screen because in the scene at Clint’s “safe house”, Nick Fury joins the team and they have a chat in the kitchen. I want to see the film again only to count how many damn cuts there were in that one scene alone. I don’t even remember what they were talking about, it was incredibly distracting and very amateurish. And not only were there multiple cuts, but it wasn’t even within the same shots! Suddenly, there’s a close up of Nick, then mid sentence, a medium shot of Nick, then a long shot of the whole kitchen, then two seconds on Cap, it was very chaotic and did not work. Disappointing.

IN A NUT SHELL, the film was good. It was entertaining, these characters are still great, the cast was phenomenal, and I’m still very excited for where the MCU is going next. All hail The Russo’s!