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Happy New Year!

Agent Carter is next week, I’m pretty psyched for that. Someone on Tumblr made this lovely post about places you can watch online if you don’t have cable. These places still report back to the network so they can tally views ALA determine the success of the show and will green light whether we get more seasons! That was nice of them, huh?

I recently picked up Arkham City and have been playing about a week. I’m more of a Lego game kinda person and I’m still getting used to these more sophisticated games (also FINALLY gonna pick up Assassin’s Creed, 1 million years behind the rest of the world). It’s pretty fun currently stuck trying to rescue a doctor and not got shot to death also I screamed pretty loudly when I heard KEVIN CONROY and MARK HAMIL in their most familiar roles. I’ll talk about it some more once I get more into it.

Besides reading Black Widow and Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier, I’m really enjoying Nightwing (The New 52). The stories are easy to follow and the art isn’t ridiculously complex (AKA stretches the limit of human flexibility [even for someone like Dick] to the point where it’s almost painful to look at). Because I’m awful, I started reading with Vol. 5 Setting Son (it was the only one available at my local comic book store! I wasn’t gonna WAIT to order the first volume!) and I absolutely loved it.


I call myself a Batman fan because of Dick. He hasn’t let the world or his own tragedy consume him. Instead he is in a unique position to help people in the same way Bruce did for him. When I read that Jen’s parent’s had been killed by a mugger, my heart legitimately sank. We see earlier that the little kid found out Dick’s identity but didn’t tell anyone (can always trust the kids). She goes after the killer, but is rescued by Nightwing when she gets in over her head. They have a heart to heart on the roof and he tells her it’ll eventually get easier. You’ll find you niche, basically he says. like I did. *excellent shot of a soaring Nightwing, cue end of book* UGH, wonderful.


Comics are kinda hopeless places. It’s characters like Peter Parker/Spider-man and Dick/Nightwing that keep me interested in comics. They actually grow, change and learn. Having such hope and optimism, especially in a place like Gotham, is awesome. Batman jumps from rooftop to rooftop then disappears into an alley. Nightwing soars into the lit sky, silhouette against the moon. Gorgeous stuff.

Also Dick just being a big brother to everyone is my favorite thing.