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Can I get a, “OH YEAH!”?

January 2015 cannot come soon enough, my friends. I’m not one to support something just because “there’s a female lead!” or just because “Look, TWO people of color!”. No no, I’m interested in good story material. When Agent Carter was first announced, I wasn’t too excited because I thought it was fake (like when this Wonder Woman trailer was circulating for a while or when I saw this Nightwing series on tumblr). Rumors from hopeful fans… A female lead TV show? There’s no way. (Yes, I know all about the Wonder Woman TV show but it’s now 2014… you’d think we’d be drowning in these kinds of shows by now.) Lois needs her Superman, Felicity needs her Oliver, S.H.I.E.L.D. needs Coulson not Maria Hill. Then the news was confirmed and Hayley Atwell started tweeting about it. Huh… all right!

Not only is Carter really happening, but it also gets to be our first foray into female driven Marvel territory. You only have to watch Captain America: The First Avenger to get a taste of what we’re going to see. Peggy doesn’t take crap, she’s not fearless but is incredibly brave anyway because there’s a job to be done, and she’s a woman kicking ass and taking names in post-WWII America (The historian in me is FREAKING OUT!) Let’s hope it’s good, eh?? Can’t wait to get some more updates as we get closer and closer… Is it January yet?